Remedies for Panic Attacks – 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Panic attacks are a terrible condition for many people. Symptoms of panic disorder can include tingling sensations, hot and cold flushes, shortness of breath, pains in the chest and shortness of breath. Many sufferers rely on medication for treatment. But this condition can be managed with natural remedies for panic attacks to reduce the negative impact of the symptoms.

Reduce stress

One of the main causes of panic attacks is stress. Stress reduction is an excellent remedy for panic attacks. Popular techniques for managing stress include art therapy, yoga, music therapy and cognitive therapy.

Accept the onset

Accept the onset of the attack. Fighting the feelings will only cause the occurrence to continue for longer and become bigger. Resisting causes persisting. It’s more important to manage the attack as it develops and reduce the negative impact of the symptoms.

Redirecting thoughts

At the onset of an attack redirect your thoughts to a memory or image that is safe for you. This re-focuses the mind and takes it off the present situation. This effective technique can stop symptoms becoming worse. Choose and memory or image that is calming and comforting for you. This could be a meditative scene, a memory of a happy event or a serene image like a still lake or a quiet mountain.

Talk the attack away

Talking to another person at the beginning of an attack can distract yourself enough to shorten the attack. Just talk about anything at all. What you had for lunch, a future planned holiday, a funny situation. Really anything at all. What’s key is to re-focus the mind away from the unpleasant feelings long enough to let the attack pass with minor symptoms

Practice deep breathing

Proper deep breathing is one of the fastest remedies for anxiety attacks. During an attack you can feel you are losing control of the situation. This causes rapid breathing and shortness of breath to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. This results in a another symptom that can add to the problem – light-headedness.

For this to work you need to try to perform deep breathing down to your diaphragm to counteract the rapid breaths. Focus your mind on slowing down your breathing. Imagine your belly filling full of air. This attention to the breath will also shift the mind from the negative, anxiety inducing thoughts.

Many anxiety sufferers have benefited from these natural remedies for panic attacks. Try each technique to find a natural treatment that works for you. It is possible to lessen the impact and reduce the negative impact of anxiety in your life.

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