Healthy Weight Loss – The Effects of Acid vs Alkaline Foods on Your Weight and Overall Health

The body needs to have a balanced pH level to promote health and normal system functions. Incidentally, the kinds of food that most people consume add to the acidity and fat stored in the body.

Coffee, Alcohol, Corn, meat, beans, fish, fowl, coffee, eggs, yogurt and active cultures, and most fermented foods and aged cheeses are examples of acidic foods which leave an acid residue in the body. When the body consumes too much acidic food, toxins build up and the body tries to protect itself by storing fat cells. Hence, too much acid results in weight problems and illnesses. By increasing alkaline foods in your diet, you can neutralize the effect of acid, lessen the fat stored inside the body and improve your weight.

pH or ‘potential Hydrogen’ is actually a rating system that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid. 7 is the neutral pH level. pH value that is less than 7 means acidic and values greater than 7 indicates alkalinity. The body functions best when its pH value is slightly alkaline. Consuming more high-acid foods may compromise the pH of bodily fluids.

One classic symptom of pH imbalance is weight problem; either you become overweight or underweight. The food you ingest greatly influences the body’s pH level. To a person who is used to continental breakfast, processed foods and foods that are high in fat and sugar, he or she is most likely to become acidic. And one way of decelerating and interrupting the critical processes of over-acidification of the body is to establish nutritional balance between alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods in your diet.

Flushing off the acid and fat in the body is easier when you increase alkaline foods in your diet. If you are currently overweight, eating more alkaline foods may assist rapid and long-term weight loss benefits. Nutritionists recommend at least 5 dishes of vegetable and green foods per day.

Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods. Examples of very alkaline foods include bananas, apples, pineapples, tomatoes, potatoes, fogs, potatoes, celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and dandelion greens. Simply put, all green vegetables and herbs are alkalizing. To make sure that your diet is alkaline, begin balancing your diet. So how should it work?

First, be conscious about your food choices. Start finding alternatives to high-acid foods. By preferring an alkaline diet and keeping your body more alkaline, you can actually gain significant health benefits such as increased energy and vitality. More importantly, it allows your body to process fat, converting it to energy instead of storing it as solid body fat.

The optimal strategy for good health and healthier body is by observing 50 to 80% alkaline foods diet daily. The enzymes and nutrients you get from alkaline vegetables and fruits hasten cell rejuvenation and provide the body with enzymes that are essential in building and maintaining health. Following this eating style awakens the cells and frees the body from built up toxins. Give it a try. It may take some time, but your health is worth it.

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